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So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Happy Rare Disease Day!

Started in 2008, Rare Disease Day is an international event focused on bringing awareness to the more than 7,000 known rare diseases. In addition, this movement is working towards equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and therapies for people living with a rare disease.

You may not be affected by a rare disease but I bet you know someone who is. Over 300 million people worldwide live with a rare disease (that’s 5% of the world’s population). The rare disease community faces a lot of challenges in a world that isn’t designed for people with disability and unique medical needs. Maybe you think our challenges are none of your concern. However several recent studies have found that the burden of rare disease affects us all.

Want to be a champion for people affected by rare disease? We would love to have you! And who knows, maybe someday you will find yourself in a doctor’s office receiving a rare diagnosis. Chances might be slim, but it’s possible.


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