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Our Mission

Cure CMD’s mission is to advance research toward treatments for the congenital muscular dystrophies and empower those living with CMD through engagement and support of our community.

Our Values

Tenacious | Affirming | Collaborative
Proactive | Community-Led

As anyone with CMD knows, hope is tenacious

Cure CMD was founded in 2008 by three parents whose children have Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, a group of rare genetic disorders defined by muscle weakness at or soon after birth. Mutations in one of more than 30 genes cause muscle tissue to break down faster than the body can repair it.

A person with CMD may have a variety of neurological and physical impairments, including the inability to walk, respiratory weakness, scoliosis, joint contractures, feeding and cardiac complications, and for some, profound cognitive impairment.


Through close collaboration with researchers, clinicians, industry, advocates, families, and generous supporters, we have made an incredible impact in the lives of those living with CMD:

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, we are focused on a bold strategy that includes:

  • Providing supportive content and connections that are responsive to the affected community's needs, and ensure they have access to optimized care

  • Increasing funding dedicated to scientific inquiry, aligned with our research strategy

  • Growing the scientific community by encouraging young scientists to focus their talents in CMD research

  • Expanding outreach efforts to identify and support the global CMD population

  • Partnering with other organizations that share a similar mission

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