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Research Grant Award for Collagen VI

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Cure CMD is thrilled to announce the 2018-2019 International Research Grant Award for Collagen VI-CMD!

Dr. Stefano Squarzoni: two years of funding for his project "Exploring the involvement of COLVI-NG2 axis in the generation of contractures affecting UCMD patients."

We are so excited to fund this project, a direct result of a dialogue shared between researchers and affected individuals at the International Conference on Collagen VI Disorders last year. To be able to fund work in a direction so important to those with COL6-CMD is a testament to our incredibly engaged community.

Congratulations, Dr. Squarzoni!

COL6 community, we are honored to be able to support groundbreaking new discoveries related to your subtype. Your support over the last two years has made these grant awards possible!

For more information about our grant process and other projects funded, check out Cure CMD's Grant Portfolio.

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