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Refreshing Logo, Isn’t It?

Updated: Jun 4

Spruced up in time for virtual SciFam 2021!

Noticed anything new about the Cure CMD logo?

Last year’s challenges asked us to look and listen closer than ever: to the world, to our health experts, and most of all, to you, our community—what we are hearing and seeing from you, and what we’re not. We wanted our logo to be more user-friendly (the former version had an oblong shape that often hung off an edge and didn’t always play well with other media), and to reflect our commitment to a global, inclusive present and future.

We gave the logo a small refresh, retaining key aspects such as the DNA graphic and our bold pops of orange (energy, optimism) and blue (reliability, commitment, collaboration). The DNA graphic is still key to who we are, and represents the genetic nature of congenital muscular dystrophy. The two-toned circle represents Cure CMD's global effort to bring together all CMD stakeholders toward the same goal of identifying treatments and improving the lives of those living with CMD.

We are so excited to share this updated logo design with you, which not only will fit better into any physical or digital space, but also reflects a doubling-down on what we stand for: commitment to YOU, our global Cure CMD family, and incorporating your voices and reflecting all of you in all we do.

What do you think? Let us know!


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