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Peer to Peer Conversations: Connecting CMD to CMD

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Do you have a question about your experiences with CMD? Do you have advice to help other affected individuals and caregivers? Cure CMD is launching a new program designed to help both veterans and the newly diagnosed learn from each other about how to deal with topics affecting all of us. You may have questions about managing early to secondary educational barriers. Or, you might want advice on navigating the maze of state and federal aid applications. Perhaps you'd just like to talk to another family about their journey with CMD. A knowledgeable individual who has experienced a similar journey can offer guidance and suggestions about how to best maneuver through these milestones.If you can offer guidance, or if you would like to request support on these or other topics, please complete this survey and you will be matched with another community member. The views and/or advice expressed between peer-support matches do not represent the opinion of Cure CMD. Medical or legal opinions expressed or shared should not be substituted or interpreted as medical or legal advice. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding any health-related concerns. Author: Robin Swallow


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