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CMD Virtual Happy Hour

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The most valued and cherished part of the Cure CMD community is you, our members. We rely on and support each other often through trying times and with difficult topics.

Let’s lighten the mood and get to know each other better! Family and friends are now frequently “getting together” virtually to relax, laugh and catch-up. We’d like to invite you to get together with your CMD family and friends during Virtual Happy Hour!  These are pressure-free opportunities to see old friends and meet many new ones. As a community, we tend to be very close-knit but very far apart. Let’s use this opportunity to bridge that gap in a safe and accessible way. Grab a drink or cup of tea & let's all toast from around the globe! Check out the events calendar for your next Happy Hour!

The views and/or advice expressed during CMD Virtual Happy Hours do not represent the opinion of Cure CMD. Medical or legal opinions expressed or shared should not be substituted or interpreted as medical or legal advice. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding any health-related concerns. Author: Mindy Roberts

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