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A Great Accessible Visit: Heritage Museums and Gardens

My family and I recently had a chance to visit Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, MA. It struck me how well this place went above and beyond to be inclusive and accessible. While it's relatively straightforward for indoor facilities to offer well-kept and accessible features, as we wandered the grounds it became apparent that the extra effort was made to ensure the outdoor areas could also be enjoyed by everyone. The main path that winds around the grounds is paved to allow for wheelchair and scooter access. While some areas are steeply graded, there are seven fixed and clearly marked ADA transport stops with shuttles that make a full loop of the grounds approximately every 30 minutes.

Heritage Museums & Gardens offers 100 acres of designed gardens and exquisite flowers, including hydrangeas, daylilies, herbs, and natural growth areas.

In addition, the Museum & Gardens features a 1908 Charles Looff carousel and a car collection with models on display from the beginning of the automotive age through 1965. The museum calendar includes a variety of events related to the auto collection, gardens, fundraisers, and other special events. For more information about this accessible attraction, visit


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