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2024 Myology Congress Recap

Updated: May 2

Cure CMD’s Scientific Director, Dr. Gustavo Dziewczapolski, provides a recap of his attendance at the 8th International Myology Congress in Paris, France. Recently, I participated in the 8th International Myology Congress in Paris, France with my fellow dedicated neuromuscular scientists that brought together more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world. We gathered to review the latest advancements in therapeutic innovations, particularly in gene therapy. Some highlights:

A male scientist standing at a podium in front of a banner that reads, “8th International Myology Congress, April 22-25, 2024.

2023 Nobel Prize Winner COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, Drew Weissman, MD, PhD, discussed the potential of technology for a new class of gene therapy or protein replacement therapy in neuromuscular disease. I listened carefully for future applications in CMD therapeutics.

A female scientist standing at a podium in front of a projector screen depicting project acknowledgements.

Dr. Nicol Voermans gave an overview of her work on CMD, acknowledging Cure CMD's support for her efforts in the Natural History Studies on CMD subtypes, LAMA2 and SELENON.

A female scientist stands at a podium alongside a large screen behind depicting various logos of supporters.

Dr. Ana Ferreiro gave an overview of her CMD research, acknowledging Cure CMD's support for her efforts in translational research on CMD subtype, SELENON.

A male scientist standing at a podium with a large screen that reads, "Francesco Muntoni," giving a presentation

Cure CMD’s longtime Scientific Advisor and Grant Awardee, Professor Francesco Muntoni, discussed the present and future of gene therapy in neuromuscular disease.

A detailed research poster displaying diagrams, flowcharts, and text on advanced human myo-ECM 3D models and therapies, viewed in a protective transparent frame.

A poster was presented sharing the results obtained with the support of a Cure CMD grant and incorporated into the multi-million and multi-disciplinary project, MAGIC. MAGIC, directed by Professor Saverio Tedesco, is a research project developing therapies for COL6-RD, L-CMD, and two other neuromuscular conditions.

A male speaker presenting at the conference at a podium that reads, "Parallel Session 2 || LGMD," using a projector screen for his presentation.

I attended a session focused on LGMD where a newly identified form of alpha-dystroglycanopathy was presented, caused by mutations in the gene SNUPN

Man taking a selfie in front of the Institute of Myology sign, wearing a navy jacket

I also visited the Institute of Myology at the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris where Dr. Guillaume Duchenne conducted the first muscle biopsy for muscular dystrophy. The institute is now home to many of our CMD scientists, including Gisele Bonne, Anne Bertrand, Valerie Allamand, Ana Ferreiro.

The International Myology Congress is just one of the important annual meetings Cure CMD participates in, representing the voices and needs of the CMD Community. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming meetings: American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy in May and the World Muscle Society in October.

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