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2023 Inclusive Product Guide

Updated: Apr 25

Our gift to you: CMD community members share their top product picks. We’ve compiled a list of accessible items that fit the needs of our community and promote independence. Some of the items included have an adaptive designed, and others include features that make them work well for those with physical limitations.

The best gifts are unique and practical. No matter who's on your shopping list, you are sure to find the perfect gift. From the Cure CMD Family, warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season!

We've created this product guide solely as a resource: Cure CMD receives no payment or benefit for the purchase of the products listed below.

Apparel & Accessories

A woman who uses a wheelchair holding a purse that is attached to her wheelchair via a magnetic fastener near her footplates.
  • Front Facing Wheelchair Backpack: If reaching behind your chair is difficult, this bag simplifies that task by resting it on your legs and hooking it to your seat belt & footrest for extra security.

  • FFORA Purse & Wheelchair Cupholder: Looking for a stylish purse you don’t have to worry about carrying? Or a cool cup holder that fits your chair? FFORA offers both, magnetic clips that hook on or near the footrest levers of your wheelchair.

  • Izzy Wheels: Deck out your wheels with these artsy covers to level up your chair.

Cold Weather/Warming Products

A wheelchair sporting a cozy, warm, plush blanket with a zipper
  • Electric Foot Warmer: A plush mini throw with a pocket for your feet and lower extremities to quickly warm up after being out in the cold.

  • Small Personal Heater: This mini small space heater is crucial for those cold weather days, place it on your desk or nearby for added warmth. Bonus points, it comes in a variety of cool colors to pick from!

  • Wheelchair Blanket: A plush lightweight blanket with a zipper makes your seated position more cozy and warm, and helps warm legs and lower body.

Cosmetic, Hair, & Hygiene/Skincare

Woman drying her wet hair underneath a wall-mounted blow dryer in a bathroom.
Mounted Hairdryer
  • Sonic Makeup Application Brush: A supersonic vibrating makeup brush that makes blending effortless.

  • AI Nail Painter: Nimble Beauty uses AI to effortlessly paint your nails for you.

  • Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer: No need to worry about holding up a heavy device for long periods of time; mounts to your wall, so you just need to park under it.

  • BaBylissPROHair Straightener: Quick and lightweight tool that ensures you do not get tired while straightening your hair.

  • Dyson Airwrap: Multiple attachments for all hair types; the tool grabs onto the hair easily making it so that you just have to hold it up to your head instead of having to separately feed pieces of hair to it.

  • Finishing Touch Flawless Pedicure: Remove rough skin and file your nails with this automatic roller vibrating tool.

  • Foldable Extended Lotion Applicator: Reaching your back or lower extremities is hard enough, this portable lotion or cream applicator eases that burden.

  • Razor & Hairbrush Extendor: This contraption has multiple purposes for shaving grooming areas as well as for brushing/combing hair.

  • Automatic Facial Cleanser Scrubber: It cleanses, exfoliates, and massages your face, no more tiring hand motions or reach problems and it’s also rechargeable by USB.

  • Back or Head Scratcher/Eyeglass Adjuster: Multi-purpose tool to scratch those hard-to-reach areas, as well as doubles as an eyeglass adjuster for those who wear glasses.

A sleek black gaming controller with two colored adapted buttons.


  • Apple AirTag: Allows you to monitor lost or misplaced equipment in real time; losing equipment goes beyond an inconvenience.

  • Custom Gaming Controllers: Check out a variety of ready-made controllers, or specify your needs and have one made for you.

  • The Flippy: Can hold devices or books at different angles. It is soft and lightweight, as well as comes in multiple colors and patterns.

  • Amazon Echo & Alexa Devices: Hands-free calling, app access, and internet search, streamlining what you can accomplish in a day.

  • Smart Plug Adaptors: Operate your outlet hands-free with Alexa or Google, plug these into your outlet, and pair them with your device. Or purchase larger single ones here.

  • Smart Light Bulbs: Operate and change your light colors with these smart lights that connect via Alexa or hands-free voice-activated devices.

  • LED Remote Color Changing Lights: These rope lights are color-changing from your smartphone, change up the vibe and mood of your choice, and are a fun addition to any room.

  • Hands-Free Playing Card Holder: Play cards without holding your deck in your hands with this neat holder. For a more stylish option, try this one.

  • Smart Audio Glasses: Operate Alexa and other hands-free devices without having to put anything into your ear with these stylish smart glasses that fit your eye prescription.

A hand holding a tray that holds food, a glass of wine, and utensil for easy carrying.
Appetizer Tray


  • Electric Candle Lighter: Want to light your candles for ambiance but worried about how to light them? These flex candle lights are longer and easier to push for all your candle-scented dreams, plus they charge by USB for added convenience.

  • Appetizer Tray: No more struggling to hold everything, this contraption holds your plate, cup, and utensils all in one place.

  • Topple Tray: Carry your food plate with ease & no more spills!

  • Food Subscription Boxes: Avoid all the hassle of going food shopping with Blue Apron & HelloFresh which are delivered straight to the home with all the ingredients you need to make a healthy and delicious home-cooked meal.

Home Indoor or Outdoor Mobility Assistance

  • Key Wing: Use keys with ease, no more fumbling, these large grippers make turning and using keys more efficient.

Set of key grippers with colorful extended wings for assistance getting keys into difficult keyholes.
Key Wings
  • Expandable Sticky Picker-Upper: Drop something super small that your standard reacher won’t get? This device’s sticky back picks up super-small objects not accessible by another gripper.

  • Collapsible Grabber: A staple for the physically disabled community; it’s always nice to have another grabber on hand and comes in handy in helping with hard-to-reach holiday decorations.


  • Walkie Chalk Holder: Make chalk art from your chair, no need to bend down or struggle to reach, this expandable chalk holder brings your chalk creations to life.

  • American Girl Doll Wheelchair: Deck out your play doll with a wheelchair, it has a pink frame and signature American Girl logo. If you’d prefer: arm crutches.

  • Wheelchair Barbie Collection: Barbie Chelsea has a line of wheelchair dolls. For more inclusive options, try Chelsea or Barbie. The original Barbie even comes with a ramp to adapt all her Dreamhouse spaces. Prefer Ken? They’ve got that as well.

  • Hot Wheels Wheelchair Racer: Wheelz wheelchair action sports star, Aaron Fotheringham, has his very own remote-controlled stunt wheelchair action figure.

A display of a LEGO block set featuring a man in a wheelchair and his dog.
  • Lego City Town: This city people building set features a wheelchair Lego man and his dog.

Stay tuned for a list of adaptive products from our recently wrapped Adaptive Webinar Series in early 2024. We look forward to sharing new product ideas with you in the new year!


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