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It's Volunteer Week and here's our next highlight: Susan Lee-Miller

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Susan is an "OG" mom who has a son with COL6-CMD. Susan has supported Cure CMD's mission from Day 1. Her ongoing engagement in fundraisers and community outreach, and as an experienced CMD mom is an incredible asset.

Some of Susan's contributions include:

  • Co-coordinator for the Million Dollar Bike Ride, an annual event sponsored by UPENN to raise funds for research grants in CMD (see our blog post about this year's event here to find out how you can support the team

  • Moderator of our first support group on Yahoo (2008!) for COL6-CMD

  • CMD Community Liaison, reaching out to CMD affected individuals that appear in news feeds to connect them to our community.

  • CMD Traveling Ambassador, through support of her son's wheelchair hockey team, helping to identify and connect other kids and adults with undiagnosed but suspected CMD to our community

Susan, thank you so much for 10+ years of commitment to the CMD Community!

Here's Susan with her son, Liam at CMD SciFam last July.

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