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It's Volunteer Week and here's our next highlight: Diane Smith-Hoban

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Diane is mother to two wonderful young men, one of whom has COL6-CMD. Diane is one of our "OG" moms - a Cure CMD supporter even before Cure CMD was officially formed.

Since 2008, Diane has made progressing our mission a priority, contributing to numerous projects and fundraisers including:

  • Co-coordinator for the Million Dollar Bike Ride, an annual event sponsored by UPENN to raise funds for research grants in CMD (see our blog post about this year's event here to find out how you can support the team)

  • Primary author for the CMD Family Guide, a vital publication for families to learn how best to manage care for CMD. Diane also managed the translation of this guide into more than 10 languages. Download the guide here

  • CMD Traveling Ambassador, through support of her son's wheelchair hockey team, helping to identify and connect other kids and adults with undiagnosed but suspected CMD to our community.

  • Member of Cure CMD's Outreach Committee, providing ongoing project support to improve our work in education and outreach

Diane's ongoing and unwavering support of Cure CMD cannot be summed up in this tribute.

Here's Diane (right) at CMD SciFam last July with some of our other "OG" moms (from left), Melissa Keener, Rae Ann Mauger, and Susan Lee-Miller.

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