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Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) is a group of rare genetic disorders defined by muscle weakness at or soon after birth. Mutations in one of more than 30 genes cause muscle tissue to break down faster than the body can repair it.


A person with CMD may have a variety of neurological and physical impairments, including the inability to walk, respiratory weakness, scoliosis, joint contractures, feeding and cardiac complications, and for some, profound cognitive impairment.


Cure CMD was founded in 2008 by three parents, with a mission to advance research toward treatments for the congenital muscular dystrophies and empower those living with CMD through engagement and support of our community.

Our Impact

Join the Registry

The Congenital Muscle Disease International Registry (CMDIR) has been relaunched to better serve researchers and participants. Your enrollment is critical to advancing treatments.

Support Research

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Kemaladewi Lab at the University of Pittsburgh

With support from generous donors and advocacy partners, we've funded more than $4M in research.

Optimize Medical Care

cmd congenital muscular dystrophy family guide

Demystify Pulmonary Care

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