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Cure CMD is launching on TikTok! We invite you to create video shorts about yourself, stories and events, talents, and interests!
Participation is easy.
et ready to be a TikTok star! 📲🎥

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Need help or want to discuss your content ideas? Reach out:

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Here's a few quick hints & suggestions when recording:

  1. Cell phone video is preferred.

  2. Format: vertical (just like you hold your phone).

  3. Videos should be short and not exceed one minute.

  4. You don’t have to be featured on camera if the visuals you are recording are compelling, use a voiceover to guide the viewer through your visuals. Use “Voice Over Video” App as a resource.

  5. Even if you have the TikTok app — please record this video natively on your cell phone camera setting.

  6. Be mindful of lighting — light should always be in front of you, not behind you. Natural light is preferred but not required.

  7. We can add music and captions for you — so don't worry about that!

  8. Tripods to hold your phone still and prevent shakiness are great but not required.

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