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The Cure CMD Mobile App

Mobile App

Cure CMD has led the design and release of a comprehensive mobile app focused on Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD), designed by a member of our community, for the community.

Download it now to access relevant information specifically focused on pulmonary care, hypoglycemia protocol, COVID-19, and specific subtypes. 

Download the app!
1. Visit the
Apple App store or Google Play store
2. Search “Cure CMD”
3. You’ll see the C
ure CMD helix in our signature blue and orange
4. Download the app, search, make notes, post on social media, and get in touch with Cure CMD staff and volunteers directly

The Cure CMD app is constantly in development, and we welcome your feedback! Contact to share your thoughts.

Cure CMD is the place for all the latest news and updates in CMD care and research. We are dedicated to advancing research toward treatments for CMD, and to improving the lives of affected individuals and their families. By engaging the community at all points in our work — science, outreach, education, and engagement — we ensure our activities are responsive to the community and fulfill the need for work that is exclusively focused on CMD.

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