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CMD Community Peer-to-Peer Match

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Young Adult Mentorship

Interested in Cure CMD's Young Adult Mentorship Program?

Have questions regarding education, employment or how to effectively advocate with your healthcare team?
Or feel you can help someone by sharing insight on your own experiences?

Mentor: an experienced and trusted advisor

Mentee: a person who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor

Affected Adults & Caregivers

Would you like to connect 1:1 with someone in the community traveling a similar CMD journey?

Cure CMD has launched a new program designed to help facilitate peer-to-peer conversations about topics affecting all of us. You may have questions about managing early to secondary educational barriers, or about how to effectively advocate with your healthcare team. Perhaps you'd just like to talk to another person or family about their journey with CMD.


If you are interested in being matched with someone in the CMD community, please complete this survey!

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