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Kierra's Story

How has CMD had an impact on your life?

Especially as a college student now, CMD has affected my freedom to live and enjoy things independently without my wheelchair, but it also has allowed me to meet so many people and experience things that people without my disability can’t. I can’t participate in sports, so I discovered the beauty that is the internet, Dungeons & Dragons, theater, music, and so many close friends. Though I vividly remember the day I lost my ability to walk, I also remember the moment when I found out my chair could go 6 miles per hour and I could easily outpace my friends. But all of the wonderful moments I have experienced because of my support system also encourage me to continue becoming more and more independent. My parents and brother are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders, and my closest friends have always encouraged me to be myself. CMD has allowed me a whole new perspective on the world.

What do you wish people knew about CMD?

While CMD may come with its “benefits” (good seats at concerts or plays, special treatment, etc) it also isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. People with CMD can go through a lot physically and mentally, so we always need support to keep us going and thriving.

What advice would you give to fellow CMD Community Members?

If you feel like giving up, find people who can better support you. Your support network will be your hero.

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