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Meet Andrew Mantione

Cure CMD’s new Director of Individual and Corporate Giving, Andrew Mantione, brings 25+ years of fundraising experience in multiple roles in philanthropy. A graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, Andy’s work experience includes leading and serving in the Development departments for multiple charitable organizations. He has extensive major gift experience and played a number of roles in strategic planning and capital campaigns. Andy is the current board president of the Western New York Planned Giving Consortium.

He lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife Margie and their four-legged companion, Chloe. His daughter, Melissa, is a NICU physician assistant in Buffalo, and his son, Andreas, is a project manager in Baltimore.

Andy is restoring an old 2-seat convertible in his spare time, and he enjoys ALL FOUR SEASONS in Buffalo.

Like many of us in this field, mine was an indirect route into the world of philanthropy. Coming from a background in financial, retirement & estate planning I was always intrigued by the people I worked with. At first I wanted to learn HOW they accumulated resources, but as time went on, I noticed more and more of them weren’t as concerned with accumulating wealth as they were about what to do with the resources they had amassed.

Most of my clients wanted to ensure that practical needs were taken care of, but the ones who most inspired me were the ones who wanted to do some good with what they had accumulated. I’ve wanted to emulate that mindset in my personal and professional lives, and working in philanthropy has allowed me to follow that path.


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