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Funding Options

When you contribute to Cure CMD you have several options:


  • General Fund covers research across the CMD subtypes, scientific conferences, family conferences, and other initiatives aimed at supporting the community

  • CMD International Registry Fund covers operating costs, study recruitment, and other activities related to the CMDIR (

  • Subtype-specific funds that support research and scientific conferences in a particular subtype:

    • Collagen VI (COL6 - Ullrich/Bethlem)

    • α-Dystroglycanopathy (WWS, MEB, Fukuyama, LGMD2I, LGMD2K, LGMD2M LGMD2N, LGMD2O)

    • LAMA2 (Merosin Deficient/Merosin Negative)

    • LMNA (L-CMD, LGMD1B, Emery Dreifuss )

    • SEPN1 (Rigid Spine)

    • RYR1

    • Undiagnosed/Other CMD (Alpha-Integrin, Choline Kinase B Receptor, SYNE1/Nesprin, Telethonin/TCAP, Merosin Positive, Titin)


How Research Funding is Allocated

All research supported by Cure CMD is selected through a rigorous grant application and review process provided by international scientific peers and the Cure CMD Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. 

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Cure CMD

3217 E. Carson St. #1014
Lakewood, CA 90712 USA


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Cure CMD is U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the
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